Since 2006, Namira Salim has penned numerous articles and given several international interviews world-wide, as one of the most active spokesperson of Commercialisation of Space.

Following are some of her recent Op-Eds pertinent to Space Trust, Space as the New Frontier for Peace and peaceful uses of Space Science and Technology on Earth.

June, Jupiter and Europa:  Why Space Matters for Europe?
Published in the EU Reporter, Brussels, 30th August 2016

From Breaking Barriers To Breaking Orbits: Hillary Clinton, the First Female Nominee for US Presidency in a New Space Age
Published in the ‎Diplomat Magazine, The Hague, the Netherlands, 7th August, 2016

Will Space Trump the RNC (Republic National Convention)?
Published in The Hill under Congress Blogs, 21st July 2016

From Havana to Hiroshima: What’s the Next Frontier for Obama After 2016?
Published in the International Policy Digest, 8th July 2016

Namira Salim: “S.T.E.M: President Obama’s Lasting Legacy of Equality”
Published in The Hill under Congress Blogs, 15th June 2016

Namira Salim: “Space for Peace and Trust on Earth”‎
Published in the Foreign Policy Journal, 27th April 2016

Namira Salim’s Case to Harness our Hunger for Exploration into a Vision for Peace
Published in the Business Insider, 23rd April 2016

Virgin Galactic Founder Astronaut Namira Salim: ‘We Should Send Politicians Into Space
Published in the Huffington, Post 20th July 2012


Namira Salim has been interviewed by the following international media outlets.

BBC World News, BBC News, Sky News Live, BBC World Service, BBC Asian News Network, BBC Radio 5, BBC Radio 4 Live, BBC Breakfast show, Talk Radio Europe Live, Huffington Post, AFP, Reuters, AP, France 24, CNN Mexico, MSN News, APP, Space News, HELLO! Middle East, OK! Middle East, CNN Middle East, CNBC Middle East, Emirates Airline Magazine, Dubai Duty Free Magazine, amongst others.

Following are some of Namira Salim’s recent interviews.

SpaceX Makes History with Launch of Astronauts
Published in Politico, 5th May 2020

Prince Albert II Launches Space Trust Exhibition in Honour of Russian Spaceflight Programme
Published in the Roscosmos Website, 30th November 2015

Le Prince Albert II de Monaco Inaugure L’Exposition Montée Par “Space Trust” en L’Honneur du Programme Russe de Vols Spatiaux
Published in Royal Monaco, 12th December 2015

Comment Namira est devenue aventurière de l’espace – How Namira Became a Space Adventurer
Published in the Monaco Matin, 13th November 2015

Virgin Galactic ‘Astronaut’ Namira Salim Says Branson Will Still Fly To Space
Published in the Huffington Post, 4th November 2014

‘First Pakistani in Space’ Congratulates India on Mars Mission
Press Release Published by AFP Globally, 25th September 2014

Virgin Galactic Founder Astronaut Namira Salim: ‘We Should Send Politicians Into Space’
Published in the Huffington Post, 20th July 2012

AFP: ‘First’ Pakistani Astronaut Wants to Make Peace in Space
Interview Published by AFP Globally, 26th October 2012

The Daring Diplomat, UK
Published in the October 2012 issue

Inauguration of the Consulate of Pakistan by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco
Published in all official and private print media of Monaco and at, the official website of the House of Grimaldi.


Namira is a contributing author to the book Commercialisation of Space, Opportunities and Challenges, edited by Bhupendra Jasani and Ram Jaku, published in India in 2014. The said book was a collaborative effort between the Institute of Air & Space Law (IASL) at McGill University and Department of War Studies at King’s College London.